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"She's the eHarmonyŽ for agents and authors."

What A Literary Agent Matchmaker Does 
& How It Serves You

Hi, I'm Jennifer S. Wilkov and one of my favorite services I provide authors, agents, publishers and the industry is literary agent matchmaking.

In 2007, I was chatting with a few literary agents at a book publishing industry event. One of the agents jokingly said, "Hey, Jennifer, you know us and what we want. You know the authors and what they need to give us. Why don't you just match us up?"

I took their advice and I now help authors submit their projects properly to the right agents who work with books in their genre and category.

I also prepare authors to connect with literary managers, Hollywood agents, publishers, speaking engagement bookers, booksellers and more.

Authors get rejected because they don't know:

  • who to submit their projects to so they submit them to the wrong agent(s)

  • how to properly present their projects with the expected industry standard documents & formats

  • whether their book is ready to send to an agent

Agents want to:

  • find great books that they can sell to a publisher

  • receive proposals and queries in the proper format so they can make an instant decision about whether the project is right for them

  • work with authors who are polished professionals who will be great partners


I work with fiction, nonfiction, YA and children's. All individual categories within these genres are welcome. I prefer not to work with horror, murder or morbid stories.

I'm the conduit between the authors and the agents 
so everybody can get what they want: 
a great book that gets published.

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